Glencullen Baptist Church

A Reformed Baptist Church

Glencullen Baptist Church Ministries

Men's Theology Study (currently on hold)

Occurs the second Monday of each month beginning with dinner followed by teaching. Pastor Phil Cavin teaches the men of the church, and we are currently studying Covenant Theology. All men of the church are welcome and encouraged to attend. This is a link to the mp3 recordings of the teaching sessions for this current study.

Ministry at Larch Mountain Correctional Facility

A weekly Prison Ministry at Larch Mountain Correctional Facility, NE of Vancouver, Washington. Pastor Emeritus DJ Dickey regularly takes the men through a "Basics Study" which teaches them why we can be confident that the Bible is the Inspired Word of God, and then following that we focus on what the Inspired Word states about God, about man, the dilemma mankind faces, and the solution God has designed with Jesus Christ as the focal point.

Ministry to Park Place Assisted Living Center

Occurs the second and third Sunday of each month. Preaching and singing of hymns, as well as prayer is provided to the residents and led by different men of the church.

Street Preaching

Weekly preaching of God's word on the streets of downtown Portland. This ministry is primarially led by John Payne.

Weekly Prayer Meetings

Three prayer meetings are being held in the homes of three of our members on Wednesday nights at 7 pm.